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Subliminal messages: Judas Priest and the mythology of suicide

Posted 1 May 2013 by | Comments Off


Sarah Lester investigates the story behind Judas – a new musical work by synth-pop group Outfit, inspired by the Judas Priest suicide trial. Mythology, music and self-annihilation have a long and tangled history. The fatal lure of dulcet tones can be traced back as far as the 8th century BC when Homer explained the disappearance [...]

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Stop Press: The Electronic Voice Phenomena Tour

Posted 25 February 2013 by | Comments Off


A glitch-cabaret of haunted circuitry and phantom language. Taking its name and inspiration from Konstantin Raudive’s 1970s experiments into hearing unidentified voices in electronic interference, EVP is a brand-new programme of performance works divining the role of voices-from-beyond in the creative process. Whether muses, ancestors-cum-confidantes, the subconscious or ephemeral static, the project asks how voices [...]

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The New King of Pop: Dr Konstantin Raudive

Posted 7 November 2012 by | Comments (1)


A visit to a 19th Century medium was very much a theatrical experience. One would watch the medium to detect shifts in body language or voice that could be attributed to the controlling spirit. One would be on the lookout for trickery relative to the appearance of ghostly apparitions or disembodied voices. [...] A worn-out [...]

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Posted 7 November 2012 by | Comments Off


Aura Satz explores ghostly presence and illusion through performance and sound, often focussed on unusual sonic devices, early musical instruments and automata. [...] The basic components of Glissolalia have a haunting ghostly sound, playing on the notion of glissando, merging each element with the next, as well as the idea of glossolalia (religious speaking in [...]

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