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 Press highlights from the EVP Tour


The experimentation in this show is amazing to watch, and the way it deals with such a difficult subject in a head on way is commendable. The show makes the audience feel in a way that most theatre doesn’t. It accesses a fundamental, animalistic emotional response to the material that is hard to explain. And this kind of experiential theatre is incredibly rare. If Electronic Voice Phenomena comes to a theatre near you on its tour, don’t miss it.

Ed Theakston, A Younger Theatre

With a voice like a prim Midlands Lilly Greenham (although inflexed with a certain Germanic precision), Gavin’s repetitive, looped phrasing of half heard and decontextualized telephone-exchange conversations was hypnotic, and after a series of harmonised vocal layers had been established, was even pareidolic.

Peter Guy, Liverpool Echo on Honor Gavin (With photographs here.)

Natasha Tripney of Exeunt Magazine interviewed Ross Sutherland & Hannah Silva

The Skinny included the Liverpool show in their Top Ten Events

The Guardian plugged the tour

So did The Quietus


The Tour on Twitter



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